25102019 Volume 10Emma Larsson

“She Drove Like Andy Granatelli And Knew How To Fix A Flat” exhibition by Emma Larsson and dj set by Rickard Grönkvist.

28092019 Volume 9Ossian Theselius

“Eye Closed Visual” exhibition by Ossian Theselius and dj set by Leo Westerberg and DJ Seduce.

06092019 Volume 8Yasmina Karli Malmsten

“Good Girl Energy” exhibition by Yasmina Karli Malmsten and dj set by DJ EKALIFF.

10082019 Volume 7Cecilia Bernmark Hansson

Exhibition by Cecilia Bernmark Hansson and dj set powered by Malmö Antenn.

28062019 Volume 6– CONFLICT:GUILT | 001 – by Moley Talhaoui

Exhibition by Moley Talhaoui and dj set by TBA (Malmö Antenn).

18052019 Tribute to Le Grand KALERTA PROJECTS


10052019 Volume 5Cosmopolitan by Daniel Van Der Noon

Exhibition by Daniel Van Der Noon and dj set by Qiuvo (Malmö Antenn).

29032019 Volume 4Maria Pohl

Exhibition by Maria Pohl and dj set by Rickard Grönkvist (Malmö Antenn).

08032019 Volume 3AdeY and David Möller

Exhibition by AdeY and David Möller, dj set by Gustaf Bengtsson (Malmö Antenn).

01022019 Volume 2Dovneon

Exhibition by Dovneon and dj set by Arvid Nilsson.